Abstract Submissions to the Gold Medal is now closed. 

If you have any queries, please contact John Jones at JohnJones@ics.ac.uk 

The Intensive Care Foundation Research Gold Medal is awarded annually to a new investigator who has shown excellence in science relevant to intensive care practice so that their work is more widely appreciated. 

A team of Chairpersons will perform judging using standard criteria. Excellence will be recognised through the quality, originality and relevance of the work combined with excellence in presentation skills.


All new investigators involved in Critical Care research in the UK up to and including
Consultants or equivalent within 2 years of appointment.

  • They must be proposed by an ICS member
  • They must have done a reasonable body of work that would usually have either been presented at this or other equivalent scientific meetings published in abstract form or published as full papers. A single study addressing a limited question, unless supported by the applicant’s own pilot or developmental work, would not on its own represent a “body of work”.
  • The applicant should normally have completed the equivalent of one year’s full time research (for example work contributing to a higher degree).


  • Applicants are invited to present a “body of work” by producing a concise fully referenced summary to a maximum of 1000 words (excluding references). Up to two figures or tables may be included. State your contribution to this work and over what period it has been undertaken.
  • Outline the original hypothesis and background, the questions you have addressed and the methods you have used. Discuss your results and the conclusions drawn and explain how this has advanced our understanding of this area and its relevance to intensive care. 
  • Summary with word count, title and author should be submitted via email in Microsoft Word format to JohnJones@ics.ac.uk. If you would like to opt out of publication in the SOA phone app and JICS e-supplement, please state this in the body of the email.
  • Deadline date is – Monday 04 September 2017 at 5pm
  • Work can have been presented and/or published elsewhere: this should be referenced.
  • The finalists’ 1000 word summaries will be published on the SOA phone app. and the JICS e-supplement and ICS website following approval of the author. In exceptional circumstances authors may submit a modified version for publication if the inclusion of some data might preclude later publication in a scientific journal.

The finalists will be selected by a panel of judges drawn from the Research Committee. They will review the summaries using similar criteria as for abstracts or research. They will look for a clear and logical description of the work and its outcome:

  • Originality & relevance to intensive care.
  • The background and hypothesis for the work.
  • Quality of study design/methods that have been used and how this evolved as the work
  • progressed.
  • A summary presentation of results that are used to support a discussion and critical
  • appraisal of the work.
  • Appropriate use of statistical analysis including mention of any weaknesses.
  • Conclusions that reflect the outcome of the research and its impact on the care of the critically ill.
  • Finalists will be informed by Wednesday 20 September 2017


  • A 20 minute oral presentation with 5 minutes for discussion will be available in the Research Forum at the ICS State of the Art Meeting 2017
  • A team of Chairpersons using standard criteria will perform judging. Excellence will be recognised through the quality, originality and relevance of the work combined with excellence in presentation skills.

The following five point criteria will be used to judge the 25 minute presentation and questions:

  1. Spoken presentation that is clear, with a good argument that leads from aims to conclusions in a logical manner.
  2. Plan of work that has an evidence-supported hypothesis/rationale, sound design and appropriate use of methods and that is both original and has relevance to intensive care.
  3. Accurate and sound presentation of results & conclusions with appropriate use of figures and statistics that can be justified and resolutely defended.
  4. Discussion arising from questions answered clearly & constructively without evasion. Clear ideas on where these findings lead and implications for future research or practice.
  5. Excellence in use of audio-visuals that enhances and does not distract from the findings
  • All finalists are also encouraged to present research posters on the day and are still eligible to compete for the Society’s oral or poster presentation prizes
  • All finalists will be given free meeting registration costs, plus up to £200 towards travel and accommodation based upon receipts.
  • All finalists will be invited to the Speakers Dinner and receive recognition.
  • The award winner will hold the title for one year of “Intensive Care Foundation Research Gold Medal Holder”, and be presented with a certificate embossed with a gold emblem. The winner will also be invited to sit on the ICS Research Committee for a period of 2 years.
  • Please send your application to John Jones at JohnJones@ics.ac.uk

Originality and copyright:

  • The author declares the work is original, extracts from copyrighted work is fully authorised and the submission does not infringe upon any copyright, proprietary or personal rights.
  • Abstracts presented and published at other national/international conferences must submit new information, with a substantial update of data in order to be accepted.
  • All abstracts will be published in the State of the Art phone app and JICS e-supplement unless opted out of publication in the body of the submission email
  • The submitting author agrees to assign the rights to JICS (SAGE Publications Ltd) to edit, publish, replicate, distribute copies and use in any derivative works such as press releases. This also includes use in search databases and indexes in print, electronic, and/or other media.
  • The author retains the right to include the work elsewhere, providing there is no implication of ICS endorsement. The author must acknowledge the original was published in JICS by SAGE Publication Ltd.