Submitting an abstract

You are from the 1970s. The Intensive Care Society has just been formed. You have travelled 50 years into the future. Now it’s time to travel back and report to your team on what the future looks like. Time to decide on what you will report back….

Entrants will be asked to produce a 500-word abstract, and these will be scored to choose those who will be asked to present at SOA21. 


All doctors in Training with an interest in ICM, including Specialty Doctors, Fellows, IMG, MTI & CESR programmes

Presentation format for selected abstracts

Live Oral presentation at SOA21

Selected authors will have the opportunity to present their views over 15 minutes (10 minutes presentation, plus five minutes of Dragon discussion / grilling!). Get ready to enter the Dragon’s Lair!

Prize Winner

The winner of the MDT Diaries will be announced at the Closing Plenary session on Wednesday 8 December 2021. The awardee will receive a 1st prize certificate and a complimentary 3 Day registration for SOA22 or SOA 23.

Key Deadlines
22 August 2021Abstract submission deadline
24 September 2021Early Bird Registration deadline
w/c 11 October 2021Submitting authors notified of the outcome of the submission
29 October 2021Successful submitters to confirm acceptance of their place
5 November 2021All presenters must register for the congress