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State of the Art 2020


If I had a million dollars...

The Trainee Advisory Group Presents: ‘If I had a million dollars…’

The cauldron comes to you again in 2019 and we will be back in our den of dragons.

The year is…now. YOU have just taken up the role of clinical lead in a 25-bed intensive care unit and your hospital has just had a windfall; an anonymous American donor has left the hospital a one-million-dollar donation in their will.

This money is YOURS for the taking… all you have to do is fight for it…and impress our panel of dragons!

What will you use it for?

Why should your department get this cash?

And, what will you produce in return?

Look around your hospital, you know critical care deserves this money, now tell us why!

The sky one million dollars is the limit.


Entrants are asked to produce a 500 word abstract on the topic above, which will be used to choose those we think are best suited to step into the dragon’s lair.

All doctors in a training programme, at any stage of training and from any discipline are welcome to enter.

Good luck!