State of the Art 2018



We are currently working on the SOA18 Conference Programme.

Just to give you a bit of a taster, these are some of the sessions we already have planned:


  • Opening plenary
  • Sepsis round table
  • Radiology Masterclass
  • Recovery and Rehabilitation
  • Medico-legal cases and dilemmas
  • The Future of Critical Care
  • Outcomes after Critical Illness
  • Virtual Reality
  • Maternal Critical Care
  • Research (ICS and UKCCRG)
  • Hot Topics
  • Trauma
  • How I manage...
  • Nutrition and Muscle Wasting
  • Adaptive Physiology
  • The Lungs
  • The Cauldron with the Dragons
  • Pop up Pecha 
  • David Bennett session
  • Critical Care without Walls
  • Neurointensive care
  • Patient stories
  • and many more....

State of the Art 2018 is packed with up to date learning that will apply to a multidisciplinary audience and be applicable to managing patients at the bedside.

This will be THE Critical Care conference of 2018.