Covid Trials and Platform Studies


The rapid mobilisation of clinical academics to focus on the pandemic response has led to some remarkable achievements. There have been considerable advancements in trail design, soft touch regulation, and interactions with industry partners. 

Also, academic publications had given a lot if altitude in peer review to allow innovation to thrive,  Thi hasn’t always yielded good research or allowed for robust scrutiny. 

This theme will explore the learning from the covid studies , how we can harness that early industry and enthusiasm going forward. It will discuss the ongoing merits of platform studies and consider if the future of icm research lies here.

We will then move to the dissemination of information. Is traditional peer review and pre-publication scrutiny relevant any more when pre-prints are available and social medial allows a much wider audience without restriction? 

Strongly stated opinions and a wide twitter following seem to count for more than reasoned arguments.  How is a jobbing clinician to pick who to follow?

How will conventional print media keep up?