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State of the Art 2020

MDT Diaries

MDT DIARIES: A day that changed my practice

The Trainee Advisory Group Presents MDT Diaries: ‘A day that changed my practice’

Who was it?

What did they say?

Did you look at somebody differently?

Did you suddenly realise that this was the bit of your practice that was going to shape your career?

What did you learn… or unlearn?

What is that one memory you will look back on in twenty years and think ‘I remember the day that happened…I remember what followed on from that moment’

At the Intensive Care Society, we know that the multi-disciplinary team effort is without any doubt, greater than the sum of any of its parts. Critical care thrives when we understand and value the power of teams, but we also know that within that team are individual people, outlooks, stories and experiences. So, after a wonderfully successful event at last year’s conference, the trainee advisory group are again asking all members of the MDT – all professions, all grades, any type of student – to consider telling us a part of their story.
Entrants will be asked to produce a 500-word abstract and these will be scored to choose those who will be asked to present at SOA19. All presentations will be limited to 20 slides and no more than one sentence per slide (you may choose to have no words at all). There is no restriction on use of imagery or sound, but time will be strictly limited to 7 minutes per speaker. Remember, the art of this event is based on YOU, your story and how you choose to tell it.
We can't wait to hear from you!