State of the Art 2019

A day that changed my practice


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The Intensive Care Society Trainee Committee are proud to present the latest edition of the PechaKucha presentation prize. This is awarded annually at the ICS State of the Art conference.  This year the topic is “a day that changed my practice”. It is a deliberately non-specific remit and we hope to stimulate a wide range of submissions.

For the first time the trainee committee have decided to divide the Cauldron and Pecha Kucha into two separate competitions. The PK is now additionally open to nurses and allied health professionals, as well as aspiring and current intensive care doctors in training (i.e. including foundation and core training/ACCS doctors).  Non-trainee non-consultant grade doctors in intensive care are also welcome to submit an entry.  Please include your role in this document.

The trainee committee have instituted this change in recognition of ICU as a ‘team sport’ and aiming to improve collaboration within the wider specialty.  Whilst there will be one winner, we hope to show what a range of style and experience there is amongst all the disciplines.

The top scoring abstracts will be invited to give a presentation in the “pop-up” stage near the exhibition area at the state of the art meeting in Westminster on the 10th 11th or 12th of December 2018.

The best presentation as judged by the trainee committee will be awarded the prestigious “PK prize”. PK is particularly about the art of presentation, not about original research or the most esoteric cases.  For more information about PK format and style google “Pecha Kucha”. In short your presentation must be a powerpoint file with 20 slides (exactly!) which each show for 20 seconds (ie must be a timed presentation).  This is all part of the challenge! Further information will be provided for successful abstract submissions.

NB - 500 words MAX for the abstract please - any submissions exceeding this word count will be truncated for scoring purposes (submissions are anonymised for reviewers). References optional but max 5.

Submissions should be emailed to (or use the link above) by 1700 on 17th September. Please include the following:


Job Title

Base Hospital


Download PDF version PK_submission

- PECHA KUCHA 20x20 -

Proudly presented by ICS Trainee Committee and powered by PechaKucha

The art of concise presentation

20 images ("slides") shown for 20 seconds each

(7 minutes)

- NEW -

Now also open to nurses and AHP's

This year the PechaKucha is expanding and opening its doors to Nurses, AHPs as well as doctors in training - at the same time the format is changing and we will move the PK out of a conference room and it will “popup” around the venue.


Open 4th May 2018

Close 17th September 2018


Any queries, please contact

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