Join us 06-08 December 2021 for a packed 3 day virtual SOA. Informing and inspiring you with the latest news and views from Critical Care. Discover our top pick of topics and speakers. Innovative and interactive sessions with traditional (short, sharp) presentations, panel conversations, editorials, lightning/SOAp box talks and poster and prize sessions. Something for everyone. Something for you. Connect, learn and share knowledge.


10.45 - 11.00


11.15 - 12.45

Covid Reflections - session cancelled

Due to operational pressures in dealing with the COVID pandemic response Professor Chris Whitty is unable to join us.  It is with regret that we have cancelled this session.

11:15 Cold and Blue (75 mins)

Story telling of survival -Chris Lemons 

Physiology of cold immersion and hypoxia survival - Mike Tipton

Inability to replicate outcomes in trials - Jerry Nolan

12:45 - 17:45

12:45 Industry Insights - Is the delivery of ready to administer noradrenaline via a volumetric pump the future? (Sintetica) (60 mins)

14:15 The Covid Trials (75 mins)

Review of what we learnt: What was right and what was wrong - Anthony Gordon

Might the experience shape the way we do studies in the future?- Lucy Chappell, Peter Brindley, Kenny Bailiie, Muriel de Vos

15:45 Learning from Global ICU (60 mins)

Critical care as practised around the world and what we can learn

Research and collaboration: ‘Sepsis epidemiology in India: current scenario and challenges:’ - Naomi Hammond, Ashwani Kumar

Innovation for all settings: ‘Artificial intelligence in a LMIC ICU’ - Phan Nguyen Quoc Khanh

Clinical practice: ‘TeleICU for LMICs’ - Dhruv Joshi

Research Respiratory Support for COVID-19 in Uganda and Adult Respiratory Failure Intervention Study Africa (ARISE-AFRICA) - Arthur Kwizera

17:15 Patient Diaries (30 mins)

The benefits of keeping a journal - Louise Gallie, Peter Nydahl

14:15 Hail of Magic Bullets (60 mins)

Manu Shankar-Hari and Puja Mehta describe the cykotine storm and consider targeted immunological therapies for critical illness.

15:30 The Cauldron - Back to the Future (60 mins) Doctors in training present their most interesting cases.

With all due respect, your NHS Superheroes will fail! - Matt Rowe

The more things change, the more they stay the same- Mary Leese

Our House Isn’t on Fire- it’s Already Burnt Down - Freya Glover

Judges: Charlotte Summers, Hugh Montgomery, Ganesh Suntharalingam, Aoife Abbey

16:45 Publish and Be Damned (45 mins) How best to disseminate information. Is traditional peer review dead? Are blogs/ twitter feeds and press releases better?

Naomi Lee, Anthony Gordon, Segun Olusanya, Scott Weingart, Matt Morgan

17:35 Social Media: Panning for Gold (15 mins)

Segun Olusanya, David Lyness

14:15 Looking around the corner (60 mins) In conversation with Ramani Moonesinghe, Mike Prentice

15:30 Biomarker-Guided Antibiotic Treatment Decisions in Sepsis:  Do You Have Clinical Equipoise? (60 mins)

NIHR PRONTO trial -Stacy Todd
NIHR BATCH trial - Enitan Carrol
NIHR ADAPT-Sepsis - Paul Dark
NIHR PEACH study - Jonathan Sandoe
NICE NIHR HTA health economics - Matthew D Stevenson

16:45 Research Masterclass (60 Mins)

How to become a PI (Associate PI)
How to be trained in research.
Personal research experience
How to develop a career in research

Jeremy Bewley, Ben Creagh-Brown, Sara Scott, Nazir Lone, Mike Ambler, Natalie Pattison

13:45 Transfer of the Critically Ill (105 mins)

Adult critical care transfer – the current state of play - Scott Grier

Capacity transfers and the ethical conundrum: a panel and audience discussion - Richard Browne, Scott Grier, Peter Beaumont, Dan Harvey

Long-distance transfers: what are the challenges and the solutions? - Tom Payne-Doris

Advanced practice in transfer: learning from paediatrics - Rachael Morrison

Training and education in adult critical care transfer: what could the future hold? - Richard Browne

16:00 Because we should/Because we can (120 mins)

Frailty and ICU outcomes - an opinion piece - Lauren Ferrante

Jugdeep Dhesi describes the POPS experience at GST and leads the discussion using a multi professional panel including patients and carers

Perioperative care for high risk patients - Jugdeep Dhesi

Implementing Shared Decision Making in the perioperative pathway - Catherine Meilak

Intensivists delivering perioperative care – the reality - Sheena Hubble

Mark Taubert, Catherine White

17.55 - 18.05
    Daily round up across the streams

18:15 The Brindley Interviews (75 mins)

Peter Brindley in conversation with Kathryn Maitland and John Myburgh . Lives in clinical academia, learning from their best and worst research.




9.30 - 12.00

09:30 Challenges and opportunities in Global ICU (45 mins)

Louise Thwaites,Bharath Kumar Tirupakuzhi, Abigail Beane, Diptesh Aryal,Swagata Tripathy, Finot Debe

10:45 Shoot for the moon and back to earth (75 mins)

The function of the European Space Agency and what we can learn for more earth bound patients. The rise of space tourism and its medical implications.

Training - Peter Hodkinson

Medical preparedness for space travel - Jochen Hinklebein

Civilians in space -Thomas Smith

Muscles in microgravity - Maria Stokes

Nandan Gautam, Simon Richards

09:30 Industry Insights - Managing patients in ICU with complex infections (Pfizer) (60 mins)

09:30 Mentoring and Coaching (45 mins) Introduction to mentoring by TAG

Sara Scott, Nancy Redfern, Liz Thomas, Louise Swan, Suzy O’Neill

Pre-recorded video followed by live Q&A

10:30 Industry Insights - Electrical Impedance Tomography: A compass for the safe route to optimal PEEP (Dräger Medical UK Ltd ) (30 mins)

Paolo Navalesi

09:30 ABCD ICM (75 mins) Pre-recorded tutorials and practice pearls covering the multi disciplinary breadth of intensive care. Curated by members of TAG.

Assessing the altered airway - Anna Liisa Sutt

Animal Assisted Intervention - Lyndsey Uglow

Burns Management - James Lennard

Capillary Leak - Ashley Miller

ECG's not to be missed - Hannah Mackay

Major Haemorrhage - Dr Skylar Paulic

11:00 Sabbaticals and International Working (30 mins)

Guy Thwaites


12.15 - 17.00

12:15 Platform Shoes (45 mins)

Platform trials have been an essential feature of COVID research.  Is this a credible strategy for future ICU research?

Gavin Perkins, Hugh Montgomery, Tony Whitehouse, Danny McAuley

13:15 It’s the Journey and the Destination, Part 1 (60 mins)

The roadmap to critical care rehabilitation - Zudin Puthucheary

Critical care physiotherapy outreach - David McWilliams

Therapies prescription the PICUPS tool - Eve Corner

Post ICU syndrome: It's about the food - Danielle Bear

14:30 It's the Journey and the Destination, Part 2 (45 minutes) Is post Covid care a good template for post ICU care?

Nazir Lone, Joanne McPeake, Judith Merriweather, Joel Meyer, Catherine White, Bronwen Connolly 

15:30 Jump in folks, the water's fine (60 mins) A look at ongoing trials and how to join in.

Paul Dark, Ben Creagh-Brown, Bronwen Connolly

16:45 Industry Insights - A physiologic approach to improve outcomes in patients with respiratory failure (Linet) (30 mins) The presentation will focus on advanced physiologic respiratory monitoring in critically ill patients with respiratory failure

Lorenzo Berra

12:15 Industry Insights: Digitalising your ICU and Perioperative Pathway (GE Healthcare) (60 minutes)

The Coronavirus pandemic is posing the greatest threat to healthcare systems in generations. It has revealed the prolonged under investment in the healthcare sector and illuminated chronic problems in our health and social care, and made them worse.

The Government has recognised this by making unprecedented investment available to organisations to “Build Back Better”.

This funding becomes available to those who are able to build a strong request for funding and GE will be hosting this session to allow your peers to discuss challenges, digital solutions and ways that they have been able to access funding to promote change.

Kirstyn Nicholas, Richard Sleath, Dr Marc Wysocki

13:30 Future NHS, Future ICU (60 mins) What might ICU look like in the future

Hub and Spoke working; telemedicine; AI decsion support; staffing/technology/ deliverability

Tamas Szakmany, Robert Stevens, Kate Mayes, Cheryl Hiddleson, Tim Buchman, Chris Thorpe, Ganesh Suntharalingam

14:45 Rising Star - ICS Gold Medal Presentations (90 mins)

Combining cell therapy and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Back to no future? - Jonathan Millar

Exploring the barriers to early physical rehabilitation and investigating its safety in critically ill patients receiving vasoactive drugs - Huw Woodbridge

Characterising mechanistically distinct subtypes of pandemic influenza-associated acute respiratory failure -Romit Samanta

Anaemia following critical illness: mechanisms, clinical consequences and potential treatment strategies - Akshay Shah

The Secondary Use of Longitudinal Critical Care Data - Edward Palmer

Judges: Jeremy Bewley, Anthony Gordon, Dhruv Parekh

16:30 Industry Insights - Smart Robotics for Early Mobilisation of Critical Care Patients (Innovation Agency and Reactive Robotics) (10 mins)

Kevin Moreton, Alexander König

17:00 Industry Insights - XALT Model B: Boston Scientific’s Single Use Bronchoscope (Boston Scientific) (10 minutes)

12:15 Focussed Ultrasound (30 mins)

fTOE: accreditation in focused TOEDr Antonio Rubino

CORONA study - Prashant Parulekar

13:00 Workforce: It's My Skills, Not My Badge (60 mins)

SEISMIC study How COVID-19 has affected staffing models in intensive care: A qualitative study examining alternative staffing models - Ruth Endacott

In critical care workforce planning, is there a role for skills based rostering? - Henry Walton

Clinically-Led workforcE and Activity Redesign (CLEAR) in Critical Care - Alex Monkhouse

Workforce planning - a trainee perspective - Sara Scott

Joined by Eve Corner Anna-Liisa Sutt, Anna Batchelor

14:15 Bugs, bats and all that (60 mins)

The Role of a Clinical Virologist - Cariad Evans

Bats and all that Bats are the perfect breeding ground for superbugs - Dr Jo Poole

15:30 Ultrasound Ninja (60 mins) Cases where bedside ultrasound significantly changed care.

The answer is blowing in the vent: using critical care TEE to guide refractory hypoxemia treatment - Andrea Robinson

When you hear hooves, think Zebra! - Callum Swift

An unexpected case of paradoxical air embolus - Richard Bauld

A clot in transit in a case of COVID-19 - Manoj Wickramasinghe

The Ultrasound Ninja - A rare cause of chest pain to watch out for - Angus Perks

Acute Right Heart Failure in the Intensive Care Unit - Caroline Bullen

Judges: Prashant Parulekar,  Ashley MillerMarcus Peck

12:15 It's Common in the Tropics (60 mins) Common life threatening disease in the tropics rarely seen in the UK, presented by local clinical teams in those countries.

Organophosphate poisoning and toxicology - Binila Chacko

Dengue - Sophie Yacoub

Snake bite - Soumyadeep Bhaumik

Malaria - Arjen Dondorp

13:30 MDT Diaries - How COVID Changed My Practice (75 mins) Selected stories from the MDT

Building the state of the art from the thoughts of our people -Implementing developed world experience in developing world - Ashani Ratnayake

"I never leave the house and keep both phones in my pockets all day so that whichever phone you ring, I never miss your call." - Clare Smedley

COVID-19 Physiotherapy Slack Workspace: An unprecedented international collaboration - Zoe van Willigen

I will never forget the day - Emma Fisher

Judges: Sarah Wallace, Sandy Mather

15:00 Calling Artemis - Deborah Horner

Part 1: Recognition and management of Obstetric critical illness
(60 mins)

National MEWS - Tony Kelly

The EMC team - Audrey Quinn, Shilpa Mahadasu, Isabel Gonzales, Lindsay Garcia

National EMC audit - Debbie Horner

Arlene Wise, Steve Cantellow

Part 2: Pregnancy in the time of COVID (30 minutes)

MBRACCE UK data - Marian Knight

Coagulation, pregnancy and COVID - Beverley Hunt

Debbie Horner

16:45 Opinion piece: Reflection and learning Covid19 and pharmacy workforce/ drug shortages (30 mins)

Rob Shulman, Mark Borthwick

17.00 - 18.00
      Daily round up across the streams
18.00 - 19.00

18:00 Annual Members Meeting for ICS members (joining details will be sent to members of the ICS)


9.15 - 9.30


09:45 - 11:15

09:45 Music and Medicine (75 mins) The science and practical application of acoustic therapies in critical care

Music, Medicine and the Developing Brain - Artur C Jaschke

The use of music therapy with infants with NE and their caregivers on the on the NICU. - Kirsty Ormston, Katie Gallagher

Using music to detect awareness in disorders of consciousness - Jonathan Pool

A short Documentary about live music participation in the ICU - Maria Eldering

The Use of Music Interventions Early Post-Stroke - Alexander Street

Investigating the social and emotional effect of music therapy with hyperscanning - Jorg Fachner

Panel discussion

09:45 Industry Insights (Masimo) (30 mins)

10:30 Industry Insights - Rapid molecular testing to guide antibiotic use in patients with severe pneumonia (bioMérieux UK Ltd) (30 mins)

David Brealey

09:45 Understanding your NHS Pension Scheme & Retirement Options (Wesleyan) (30 mins)

Caroline Oates 

10:30 NHS - Pay, Pensions and Part-time Working (20 mins)

09:45 Industry Insights - Using Procalcitonin wisely in COVID-19: promises and facts
(Thermo Fisher)
(30 mins)

Prof. Tamás Szakmany MBE

10:30 ABCD ICM (30 mins) Pre-recorded tutorials and practice pearls covering the multi disciplinary breadth of intensive care. Curated by members of TAG.

Microbiology - Parind Patel

Mental capacity act - Frances Tait

Renal transplant patient on ICU - Ricky Bell

VAD in a DGH - Ana Hurtado

11:15 - 14:30

11:15 Journal Review - Most Impactful (non Covid) Publications (45 mins) 

Marlies Ostermann

12:15 My Head Hurts (120 minutes) A practical and academic summary of brain injury and what we can learn from neuro ICU

Acute traumatic brain injury - Peter Hutchinson - Peter Hutchinson

Management of subdural bleed with a focus on novel therapeutic opportunities such as MMA embolisation - Celia Bradford

ICP – It’s not all that - Jonathan Rhodes

Setting up services in resource limited environments - Beverly Cheserem

Monitoring - what to use / when / how and what does it mean - Tony Belli

Inflammation following acute brain injury, new therapeutic opportunity - Arun Gupta

SAH with focus on DCI - Matt Rowland

Neuroimaging in acute brain injury, what did it teach about neuro physiology - Virginia Newcombe

Tonny Veenith

11:15 Industry Insights - Winter is coming… a call to arms (Gilead) (60 mins) 

With an unpredictable winter season upon us, we face an increased risk of viral-associated invasive fungal infections (IFIs). In this highly interactive session, Lewis White, Haifa Lyster and Russell Lewis lead the charge, sharing their experiences on the potential challenges associated with the management of IFIs on the ICU battleground this winter. This session is for healthcare professionals only and has been initiated and funded by Gilead Sciences Ltd. Gilead products may be discussed.

Lewis White, Haifa LysterRussell Lewis

Date of preparation: December 2021

Job code: UK-AMB-0420

12:30 Staffing for the Future of ICU (75 mins) How best to deliver critical care, what staffing models to use and what defines success

Chris ThorpePaul Twose, Sekina Bakare , Nicki Credland, Andrew Simmons, Nitin Arora,

14:00 Simulation! Really? (30 mins) Has the introduction of simulation training really improved care, a personal view.

Sara-Catrin Cook

11:15 Live Well and Prosper (45 mins) Wellbeing and its implications on staffing and quality of care

Kevin Fong with Stephen Webb, Alison Pittard , Julie Highfield, Rachel Moses, Michael Toolan

12:15 The National Wellbeing Project (30 mins)

Julie Highfield

13:00 Oral Presentations (75 mins) The best of submitted abstracts.

Right Ventricular Dysfunction in Ventilated Patients with COVID-19 (COVID-RV) - Philip McCall

Repair of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome by Stromal Cell Administration (REALIST) trial: A phase 1 open label dose escalation trial - Ellen Gorman

Gone so soon? Causes of cessation of critical care in older major trauma patients - Michael Tonkins

Swallowing and communication assessment in tracheostomy patients: multi-disciplinary-led quality improvement in a busy tertiary teaching hospital - Nicholas Spencer

North East London Critical Care Transfer And Retrieval: identification of thresholds for upscaling adult critical care retrieval team resources - Jonathon Dean

Judges: Bronwen Connolly, (TBC)

11:15 Pharmacy sessions (45 mins)

Nudging for change –steering prescribing practice in critical care - John Warburton

Sedation weaning a literature review - Xolani Dereck Gondongwe

PK PD of beta-lactam and aminoglycosides and effect of critical illness - Mr Greg Barton

12:30 Guidance development (45 mins) How to develop critical care guidelines

Leticia Kawano-Dourado, Peter Brindley, Shondipon Laha, Catherine White

13:30 My Body is a Temple (60 mins) Metabolism, endocrine exhaustion and use of supplements.

Karin Amrein, Emma Ridley


  14:30 The Next disease X, are we ready? (45 mins)

  Jon Snow in conversation with Calum SempleKenny Baillie, and Tommy Rampling



  Conference close, round-up, awards and introduction to SOA22


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