The Intensive Care Society is a charitable body and holds an Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM) to conduct formal business in public. This occurs every December at State of the Art. The timing and location will be published in the final version of the programme.

The purpose of the AMM is to confirm the election of the Society’s Officers and new Trustees, review the financial report, and discuss the work of the Society. When there are changes to the Society’s Constitution, these are voted by the members and confirmed at this meeting.

The AMM is open to all members and anyone interested in the Society’s work. All State of the Art delegates are welcome, although only ICS members may vote on constitutional matters.

Your participation at the AMM helps to keep the Society transparent and accountable to its members, so we do encourage you to attend. We are exploring ways of making it more interactive with more opportunity for members and delegates to ask questions of the Society’s officers and council, and to put forward matters for discussion. Your ideas and opinions are welcome.

Further information is available on the ICS website here