Professor Tony Redmond is and Emergency Physician, Professor Emeritus of International Emergency Medicine at the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute of the University of Manchester, Emeritus Professor of Emergency Medicine at Keele University, and Visiting Professor of Disaster Medicine at the University of Sichuan, China.

He is a member of the WHO Emergency Medical Teams (EMT) Initiative and Immediate Past President of the World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine.

He founded and is now Chair of the Board of Trustees of UK-Med, an NGO that deploys Emergency Medical Teams (EMT) to provide emergency medical humanitarian assistance around the world in response to disease outbreaks, sudden onset disasters and conflicts. UK-Med is currently working in Ukraine.

In addition, UK-Med recruits and trains clinicians for the national UK Emergency Medical Team.

He cofounded the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute at the University of Manchester, which carries out research and teaching programmes on humanitarian emergencies and which is currently leading an international consortium on the Researching the Impact of Attacks on Healthcare (RIAH).

He is the author of “FRONTLINE: Saving lives in War Disease and Disaster”.