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State of the Art 2020


Anthony (Tony) Redmond qualified in Medicine from the University of Manchester where he completed his specialist training in Emergency Medicine. In 1995 he was appointed Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Keele and where is now Emeritus Professor of Emergency Medicine. In 1994 he established UK-Med, an NGO that provides international emergency humanitarian medical assistance to sudden onset disasters, outbreaks and conflicts, and which hosts the UK International Emergency Trauma, Medical and Public Health Registers. He is now Chair of the Board of Trustees.

In 2008 he co-founded, the Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute ( at the University of Manchester where he is now Professor Emeritus International Emergency Medicine. He established the WHO Collaborating Centre for Emergency Medical Teams and Emergency Capacity Building at HCRI, and is a member of the WHO EMT Mentorship and Verification Team. He is the current President of the World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine.