FAZZINI, Brigitta

Brigitta is an Advanced Critical Care Practitioner in the Adult Critical Care Unit at the Royal London Hospital. Essentially a clinician passionate in intensive care medicine, ultrasound enthusiast, and young researcher within an international network. 

She is also the Deputy Chair of the ICS Professional Advisory Group for Advanced Practitioners in Critical Care and part of the chair team of the Advanced Clinical Practitioners Academic Network (ACPAN) in the UK. 

She graduated in Italy with a BSc (Hons), and she moved to London in 2014 to start her critical care training. During these years she has developed and consolidated 10 years of experience in intensive care and critical care outreach alongside a solid academic pathway including the Critical Care MSc and the Advanced Clinical Practice MSc. Additionally, interested in humanitarian healthcare and global health, she holds the Professional Diploma in Tropical Nursing. She is an ultrasound enthusiast and, holding FUSIC (heart and lung) accreditation, she teaches and mentors doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists undertaking their ultrasound accreditation. Passionate about improving care for critically ill patients, she is involved in clinical research focused on acute respiratory failure and translational medicine. 

Her highest hope is to proactively shape the future of intensive care specialty with an inclusive multi-disciplinary approach promoting effective quality changes, education, and research.