500 x Catherine CHALLIFOUR

Cathy Challifour is an ST6 in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia in the Severn Deanery.  A latecomer to medicine via pharmacology and a brief period of midwifery training she studied at Brighton and Sussex Medical School as part of their first-ever intake of students.  It took several years to persuade a Deanery she’d make a decent anaesthetist and during this time she completed her ST3 in Emergency Medicine.  Now happily taking the scenic route as a LTFT trainee in ICM and Anaesthesia, her interests lie in education and maternal critical care.  She is the co-Course Director of the Severn Deanery New2ICU Course and a Founding Director of the Severn and Peninsula Practice Intensive Care Exams (SPPICE) Course.  When not working she can be found chasing her dog and twin sons around the Bath countryside.