Cathy McKenzie

Cathy is a clinical academic pharmacist in critical care, currently in a split role between Kings Health Partners (KHP) and University Hospital Southampton (UHS).  Cathy has worked in critical care for 25 plus years, her research interests are sedation, delirium and drug use in critical illness. She has 50 plus publications,  book chapters and a number of funding awards. She is one of 3 editors in chief on Critical Illness on, (Pharmaceutical Press).

Cathy is leading a group of researchers investigating the role of thiamine supplementation in delirium critical illness. Their project (DELirium and ThiAmine -ElectroEncephaloGram , DELTA-EEG)  has been shortlisted for the 2022 ICS Research Prioritisation Exercise (ICS-RPE) which she will be presenting at the 2022 State of the Art Meeting.