Charlotte graduated in both Biomedical Sciences and Medicine from the University of Southampton, and later undertook a PhD at the University of Cambridge investigating the role of inflammation on the pulmonary transit kinetics of human neutrophils, alongside specialist clinical training in Respiratory (East of England) and Intensive Care Medicine (London).  She was subsequently appointed as the UK’s first NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Intensive Care Medicine, and went on to be awarded a Fulbright All-disciplines Scholar Award and a Wellcome Trust Fellowship for Postdoctoral Clinician Scientists.  Charlotte joined the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine in 2015 from University of California, San Francisco.

Current projects

  • Elucidating the host defence mechanisms via which the pulmonary microcirculation prevents innate immune cell-mediated damage, and developing understanding of how those mechanisms fail in acute respiratory distress syndrome.
  • Investigating the influence of the pulmonary microenvironment on neutrophil phenotype and function
  • Determining the cellular mechanisms of acute pulmonary inflammation to help identify novel targets for therapeutic intervention
  • Chief Investigator of HEAL-COVID, an NIHR funded “Urgent Public Health clinical trial of national importance”