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State of the Art 2020


I am a critical care consultant pharmacist, working in Birmingham and the AHP/HCS lead for the Midlands Critical Care Networks. I have been actively involved in the ICS and was joint author of the GPICS pharmacy section. I sit on the editorial board of JICS. I am a member of the UKCPA critical care expert group, helping to develop the competency framework and credentialing process for pharmacists. Though the UKCPA I have been involved in research – PROTECTED-UK and SUP-ICU, and previously sat on the research committee of the ICS.

I am passionate about supporting and developing all healthcare professionals and teach on both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and was instrumental in the development of the network Band 7 training pack. I have an interest in safe prescribing and have been involved in the SCRIPT project since its inception. I am a non-medical prescriber and am in the middle of doctoral research investigating the barriers and facilitators to NMP, particularly for physiotherapists and pharmacists. I have a longstanding interest in drug dosing in renal replacement therapy, appreciating the variability of information available.