Gavin Perkins is Professor of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Warwick and Director of Warwick Clinical Trials Unit. Clinically he holds appointments as a Consultant Physician in Critical Care Medicine at University Hospitals Birmingham and MERIT Team Consultant with West Midlands Ambulance Service.  He was appointed an NIHR Senior Investigator in 2018 and elected to the Academy of Medical Sciences in 2019. 

Prof Perkins’ leads an active portfolio of clinical trials in critical care (including BALTI trials, BREATHE, RECOVERY-RS, SOS) and cardiac arrest (PARAMEDIC-1, mechanical CPR, PARAMEDIC-2, adrenaline for cardiac arrest, PARAMEDIC-3 IV versus IO access, In-hospital CPR feedback and debriefing) and trauma (RePHILL).  Through the Health Service Delivery Research Programme he has led evaluations of DNACPR decisions and an evaluation of the ReSPECT programme, helping to improve communication and shared decision making in emergency care and treatment.