Hugh obtained a BSc (Cardiorespiratory Physiology/ Neuropharmacology) in 1984, his medical Degree in 1987, and  his MDRes in 1997. He is Professor of Intensive Care Medicine at UCL where he also directs the Centre for Human Health and Performance. He has published >550 scientific research articles and has won >8 national and international awards. He completed specialist training in General Internal Medicine/Cardiology/Intensive Care Medicine (ICM), and is now a consultant Intensivist in N London. He chairs the National Emergency Covid Critical care committee, and sits on the Intensive Care Society Council.

Hugh chaired the two Lancet Commissions on Human Health and Climate Change, and now co-chairs the 42-institition 27-country Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change.

Outside work, Hugh is the author of  award-winning children’s books, and of a thriller.