I am a physiotherapist in General Hospital of Athens “Evaggelismos” for the past 15 years
most of them working in the 1 st Critical Care Department. I have a PhD in Post ICU
Rehabilitation and the application of new and innovative technologies from the Medical
School of Kapodistrian University of Athens. Also the past 10 years I am a part time lecturer
at West Attica University in the department of Physiotherapy, participating in MSc
programmes as well. I am a member of the Scientific Section of Cardiorespiratory
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation of thePan-Hellenic Physiotherapy Association and the past
5years I am member of its board.

A few of my latest publication are:
-The combination of inspiratory muscle training and high flownasal cannula oxygen therapy
for promoting weaning outcomes in difficult to wean patients. Protocol for a randomized
control trial. Irini Patsaki, Anna Christakou, Emmanouel Papadopoulos, Martha Katartzi,
Alexandros Kouvarakos, Ilias Siempos, Dimitris Tsimouris, Anastasia Skoura, Antonina
Xatzimina, Sotirios Malachias, Νikolaos Koulouris, Eirini Grammatopoulou, Spiros
Zakinthinos, Eleni Ischaki ERJ Open Research 2020 6: 00088

-Physiotherapy in a burn patient admitted in Intensive Care Unit. Irini Patsaki, Antonios
Kyriakopoulos, Martha Katartzi, Vasiliki Markaki, Emmanuel Papadopoulos. Hospital
Chronicles, 15(1) 2020

– Effect of Different Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Protocols on Muscle Mass in
Intensive Care Unit Patients: A Pilot Study. Katsogianni A., Vasileiadis I., Petrocheilou G.,
Patsaki I., Sidiras G., Nanas S, Stratzalis G, Routsi V., Karatzanos E. Health Science J.

– Long term follow-up of quality of life and functional ability in patients with ICU acquired
weakness – A post hoc analysis. Georgios Sidiras, Irini Patsaki, Eleftherios Karatzanos, Maria
Dakoutrou, Alexandros Kouvarakos, Georgios Mitsiou, Christina Routsi, Georgios Stranjalis,
Serafim Nanas, Vasiliki Gerovasili.J crit Care 2019;53:223-230

For the past few years, I am involved in two research projects: a. “REACT” (Virtual Reality in
Medical Rehabilitation) implemented by Kapodistrian University of Athens, NOUS VR Ltd and
Stratis Ltd, b. Inspiratory Muscle Training and Nasal High Flow in Difficult Weaning: The
purpose of the present study is to investigate the effectiveness of inspiratory muscle training
and nasal high flow oxygen in patients with difficult weaning and high-risk for re-intubation.