Karin Amrein, MD, MSc is Assistant Professor and Consultant in Internal Medicine/Endocrinology and has a subspecialty degree in intensive care medicine. She trained at the Medical University of Graz, Austria including one Erasmus semester in Cagliari, Italy, graduating in 2001 as the youngest MD in Austria (aged 21). Following this Karin started training in general internal medicine in Switzerland (Sursee, Bern).

In 2006, she returned to Austria, made a detour to transfusion medicine (Medical University of Graz) and developed an interest in clinical research, studying the effects of apheresis on bone health of blood donors. In 2008, she moved to the Division of Endocrinology and was involved in several ICU trials on glycemic control. At this time Karin realised the huge potential that exists for critical care research, conducted the the VITdAL-ICU randomized clinical trial, the first large randomized controlled trial on vitamin D in critical care, published in JAMA in September 2014. She is the chief investigator for the follow up VITDALIZE Study: Effect of High-dose Vitamin D3 on 28-day Mortality in Adult Critically Ill Patients (VITDALIZE)

Her major research interests are vitamin D and glucose control in critical illness, bone metabolism in critical care and other settings, and donor health, specifically donation induced iron depletion (and its therapy) and the effects of apheresis on bone health