Dr. Leticia Kawano-Dourado is a pulmonologist and clinical researcher at HCor Research Institute, and at the University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Currently, she is on a sabbatical at INSERM U1152, University of Paris, Paris, France. She does research in non-invasive support for acute respiratory failure, interstitial lung diseases, and more recently, on COVID-19 as part of the initiative Coalition Brazil COVID-19. Dr. Kawano-Dourado is the principal investigator of the RENOVATE trial (NCT03643939), RENOVATE PALLIATIVE (NCT04269681), and RENOVATE FIBROSIS (NCT04253405) pilot studies. She is a panel member of the Guideline Development Group of the WHO Living Guidelines on Treatments for COVID-19. Dr. Kawano Dourado is a gender equity advocate both in Brazil and internationally. In Brazil, she created the project breathingevidence.com: addressing gender bias with evidence-based arguments. Her international gender equity advocacy can be followed on Twitter (@leticiakawano), and through activities sponsored by the American Thoracic Society Members in Training and Transition Committee, where she is the social media lead.