Louise Gallie

From Delirium to Reality – Louise Gallie

Louise is a patient of University Hospitals Plymouth and lives with a rare condition known as Achalasia. Sadly there is no cure, but palliative treatments are available including a laparoscopic Heller Myotomy (HM).

In 2018, after an elective HM procedure and a rapid decline during recovery, Louise was given life saving surgery and placed into a medically induced coma, in which she would remain for 10 days.

During her 13 day stay in ICU, she experienced severe delirium, placing her in a constant state of terror and confusion. Louise experienced terrifying scenarios in which she could sense everything.

Lasting several days after step down onto an acute ward, Louise spent a total of 86 days in the hospital, and today she shares her experience with us of what it’s like to experience ICU Delirium and how a patient perspective can be invaluable to healthcare professionals and the wider healthcare community.

Louise’s blog, www.deliriumtoreality.com, shares her story from ICU, recovery, and beyond.