Tony Whitehouse

Tony is a critical care consultant based at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

He qualified from University College London in 1992 and after initial training in the North London Region, completed his MD with Prof Mervyn Singer. He dual-accredited in anaesthesia and intensive care in 2004 and was appointed to Birmingham shortly afterwards.

Since then he has built clinical research in the largest Intensive Care in the UK. He is principal investigator for a number of studies on the NIHR portfolio. He is regional co-lead for Critical Care at the Midland CRN and Chief Investigator for the NIHR-funded STRESS-L study. He is also investigating the use of large datasets for outcomes in critical care and a study of the microbiome in critically ill patients. He collaborates with the Microbiology Department in the University of Birmingham (UoB) studying Bacteriophage, MDR E coli and MicroRNA dynamics in the gut microbiome and also the Department of Clinical Bioinformatics (also UoB) investigating the management of patients undergoing Oesophagectomy and having treatment with Albumin.

He is working with members of the Turing Institute to analyse treatments used during the COVID-19 pandemic.