Headquartered in Galway, Ireland, Aerogen is the world leader in acute care aerosol drug delivery. With over 20 years of experience, 300 international patents and 200+ clinical papers, Aerogen technology has been used to treat 16 million patients in 75 countries worldwide. Based on a pioneering vibrating mesh technology, the Aerogen Solo has become the gold standard for respiratory patient care across the hospital from the emergency department to intensive care.

The company continues to leverage their expertise, research, technologies and partnerships to make the greatest possible difference to patient outcomes.

Aerogen and Safety
Aerogen is the only closed-circuit aerosol drug delivery system. A closed circuit mitigates infectious aerosol risk reduces the risk of re-nebulising condensate and reduces the risk of lung de-recruitment.

With Aerogen it’s Easy
Aerogen is virtually silent. There is no added flow required and no interruption to therapy. Aerogen offers one system across the patient’s respiratory journey.

Aerogen is Effective
Aerogen delivers 10 – 15% medication to the lungs with no medication waste. Aerogen is approved for all physician prescribed medication for inhalation.