The Innovation Agency is an NHS Academic Health and Science Network (AHSN) that works collaboratively to identify and support the successful evaluation and adoption of breakthrough innovations in local health systems and across our national Network. We connect businesses with regional and national networks of NHS and academic organisations, local authorities, the third sector and patient organisations, supporting partnership and collaboration. As part of our international work we participate in a European Innovation Technology Programme ( enabling the NHS to get early access to breakthrough innovations backed by the EU and it is through this work that we are supporting the deployment and evaluation of innovative technologies such as the Reactive Robotics VEMO® early mobilisation system.

Reactive Robotics is a robotic start-up in the Medical Technology sector, based in Munich, Germany. Since its foundation in 2015, it has developed and commercialised the world’s first robotic assistance system for Very Early Mobilisation of intensive care patients. The system, which consists of a mobile robotic device and several verticalisable intensive care beds, enables patients to stand and walk without leaving the bed and is supplied, supported and serviced by Reactive Robotics.