Itémedical, a Dutch healthcare IT company founded in 2000. Active in more than 100 hospitals in the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2022 at State of the Art conference Itémedical launches in UK introducing MediScore, medical device alarm management software. Itémedical develops, implementents and supports medical software solutions for critical care departments.

Alarms cause a lot of noise and unrest for patients, family and staff. Noise is 1 of the 3 most disturbing factors, both for patients and for nurses with too much noise causing alarm fatigue, disturbed sleep rhythm and delirium.

Alarm fatigue causes sensory overload, delayed response to critical alarms and critical warning escaping notice.

MediScore can reduce the number of irrelevant alarms whilst also enriching alarms with more context sensitive information and forwarding to a mobile device.

MediScore is delivering a calmer environment supporting patient, staff and family wellbeing whilst also ensuring fast and more focused delivery of pertinent alarms to the clinical team.

Company contacts:
Office: +31 344 663 930
Arno Hoogland (sales manager) +31 6 5466 8044
Peter Hof (CEO) +31 6 5164 9237