KARL STORZ Endoscopy (UK) Ltd


KARL STORZ has made significant contributions to the field of airway management over the years, with our range of 'Premium Class' airway products.

The C-MAC® monitor is at the heart of the system, allowing connection of our C-MAC® videolaryngoscopes, ‘FIVE’ range of video bronchoscopes and Video Stylet.

Specifically designed for prehospital settings or mobile use, the C-MAC® PM (Pocket Monitor) is compatible with our videolaryngoscope blades as well as the Video Stylet.

The recently launched ‘FIVE S’ single use range of flexible scopes is the latest exciting development that has been added to our airway portfolio.

You can choose reusable, single use or a hybrid mixture of both - you know with KARL STORZ you will make the right choice.

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