The challenges facing healthcare are multifaceted. While others place bets on discovering new drugs or mass-producing old ones that work well enough, we are different. We believe that by improving the way therapies are formulated and used we can have the biggest impact.

Our heritage as a trusted pharmacy for Swiss hospitals taught us that even small changes can make big differences. Close cooperation with clinical experts still shapes our understanding of their unmet needs and our efforts to address them. With this trust and insight, we can push the limits of science and technology to make therapies safer, easier to use, and better for patients.

At Sintetica, we continuously strive to improve therapies through innovative solutions driven by clinicians’ insights to meet patients' needs.

Every year we reliably supply millions of doses of improved therapies across a range of therapeutic classes, including anaesthesia and analgesia, while expanding to address unmet healthcare needs.

At Sintetica, we continuously strive to improve therapies.