The Brindley Interviews


Kath Maitland has been an inspirational figure in studying the impact of effective emergency care on childhood mortality especially in low middle income environments.  She is based in Kenya.

John Myburg has a huge clinical academic record having developed and coordinated over 40 trials relevant to critical care. He is based in Sydney, Australia.

Peter Brindley  is a Canadian Intensivist with special interests  in resuscitation, team interactions and human factors. 

All 3 are good friends of the intensive care society and each other.

The live streamed Brindley interviews brings these 3 together to discuss their lives and careers . They will reflect on how their mistakes and problems have defined their clinical academic records as much as their successes.

This session is an example of bringing contributors from around the world (west coast Canada, east Africa, and east coast Australia) to share their stories and expertise in a planet friendly way.